Where it all began!


Like most companies, Dimensional Design can trace its beginning to a single event.  Unlike most companies, however, that event did not occur on a cocktail napkin in bar a year or two before the company opened its doors. The moment that defined the beginning of Dimensional Design occurred in 1974 when our founder Grant Perry was in the fifth grade. It was here that he learned about “Industrial Designers” from his teacher, Mrs. Donnelly whose son was just entering the field. Hearing about how her son’s job was a mix of art, engineering, prototyping, and problem solving, all but decided for Grant what he wanted to do with his life.

Eleven years later, a haggard and sleep deprived Grant was presenting at a design competition at Auburn University, the final act of his college career as an industrial design student, when fate would give him a nod of approval. One of the judges of Grant’s presentation stopped him after it was over to talk. As they conversed about industrial design, design schools and why Grant had chosen that path, they soon discovered that they had both grown up in the same area of Atlanta, Georgia. It was with a slightly shocking and overwhelming amazement that Grant realized he was talking to the very man whose career had influenced him in the fifth grade. The fact that he had just met Mrs. Donnelly’s son and the reason he became an industrial designer, confirmed to Perry that he was on the right journey.

A year later, Grant opened Dimensional Design in his mother’s garage. In 2008, we celebrated our 20th anniversary. Of course, if you consider our beginning, it is not really all that surprising that we have been in business for 20 years. After all, doing anything else would be like ignoring destiny.

Our first real office in Decatur when we were just a Design Studio.

Our 2nd Office Inman Park, Atlanta.

A design studio with our first prototype shop.  Now it’s a cool, hip part of town.










Our current office located in Lawrenceville, GA