Tradeshow Lingo

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Ever wonder what the union guys are talking about at a Tradeshow? This may help.
Amp(Ampere) – a unit of measurement of electrical current or the amount of electricity; Amps X Voltage = Watts.
Back-light– a source of light that illuminates translucent material from behind such as in a tradeshow display graphic light box.
A typical tradeshow exhibit booth electrical placement plan.
Channeling – cutting channels in booth carpet pad to accommodate electrical wiring or computer cabling running under booth carpet resulting in a smooth finish without visible ridges or lumps in the carpet.
Dog House – an apparatus that permits placement of multiple 20-amp, 120-volt circuits in one location for equipment or electrical distribution within a booth space.
Duplex Outlet – an electrical receptacle with two outlets.
Electrical Contractor – the company hired by show management to provide electrical services and equipment to trade show exhibitors.
Fiber Optics – the transmission of light through extremely thin fibers of glass, plastic, or other transparent materials often used in tradeshow booths to capture attention.
Flood Light – creates a widespread distribution of light perfect for illuminating a tradeshow exhibit booth wall, graphic sign or large product displays.
Floor Order – an order for electrical services for a tradeshow booth placed at show site during exhibit move-in and installation; costs are usually significantly higher than for orders placed in advance.
Floor Port – a utility box located in the trade show hall floor that contains electrical, telephone, or plumbing connections for distribution of service to exhibit booth spaces.
Fluorescent Lamps – lamps which operate by creating an electric arc inside a gas-filled tube; the light color is determined by the type of phosphor coating used in the lamp; usually used in trade show graphic light boxes.
Halogen Lamp – an incandescent lamp with halogen gas fill and a quartz glass capsule; used for highlighting trade show graphics or creating environments within the exhibit booth.
Hard Wire – a permanent electrical connection such as when an exhibit booth light fixture is permanently connected directly to an electrical source rather than receiving power via a cord and plug.
Junction Box – a point of distribution for electrical power to exhibitor booths.
Kilowatt – a unit of electrical power equal to one thousands watts or ten Amps(Amperes).
Light Box – an enclosure with lighting fixtures positioned behind or under a translucent facing material; used to highlight trade show booth graphics or general exhibit hall graphics.

Inside of the Light Box
Low Voltage – electrical currents of 24 volts or less usually used in animation and specialty lighting for trade show displays.
Power Strip – an electrical unit with multiple electrical outlets.
Quad Box – an apparatus with four electrical outlets.
Raceway – metal or insulated rubber tubing used for channeling electrical wires within a trade show exhibit.
Spotlight – a lamp that provides a defined circle of light used to highlight trade show display graphics or products within a trade show exhibit booth.
Voltage – the practical unit of electric pressure; the pressure which will produce a current of one ampere against a resistance of one ohm.
Wire Management – managing the placement of electrical wires or computer cables within a trade show exhibit so they are accessible to the exhibitor but hidden so as not to detract from the appearance of the exhibit.
Watt – the basic unit of measurement of electricity.