Good Design, Bad Design

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We’re always being asked to define Industrial Design, or explain what we do.  After years of trying to do it with words, we realized that showing people would be better.

Everything we come into contact with is designed, either well, or poorly .  Good design matters, even if we don’t consciously think about whether or not something is designed well.  When’s the last time you watched somebody attempt to pull open a “push only” door because the handle was designed in a way that suggests pulling?  PRECISELY.  Does a product do what we expect it to do?  In the manner we expect it to do it?

And yet, good design isn’t ONLY about good function.   Whether it’s relating to your favorite kitchen implement, a sports car you’ve loved since you were a child, or a medical instrument that saved your life, we hope this presentation does a better job of showing that design isn’t just about function, but also emotion and human history.