Project 25

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PROJECT 25 has officially launched!

In celebration of our upcoming 25th anniversary, Dimensional Design has launched PROJECT 25. DD has a history of turning our company events into very successful fundraisers but this time we want to make a difference that is more than financial.  So in celebration of our 25th anniversary, we will be giving back to the community by doing 25 projects over the next two years.  Our team is contributing our skills, time, and resources to several local charities and organizations in our own uncommon way. Take a look at some of our completed and upcoming projects!


With PROJECT 1 (ongoing: Foster Care Support Foundation. ) and PROJECT 2 (finished: Over-The-Edge for Special Olympics) complete we are already moving to our ongoing PROJECT 3, a Lemonade stand to raise funds for Alex’s Lemonade Stand, a 501c(3) national Pediatric Cancer Research foundation. Alex’s Lemonade Stand was created by a beautiful young girl named Alex, who was diagnosed with childhood cancer when she was only 1 year old.  She started her lemonade stand to raise money for children just like her, and as the word spread, people began to take action by creating their own lemonade stands.  At the age of 8 she lost her battle with cancer, but her legacy lives on with over 45 million dollars raised since that first stand in 2000.
On Saturday July 7th, Grant and his daughters will start a new family tradition by hosting a Strawberry-Lemonade stand to raise donations and awareness of this great charity.  Other team members at DD will also be hosting stands in their neighborhoods over the summer.

Is there anything better than ice cold lemonade on a hot summer day?  If you or anybody you know is interested in spending the day having fun and raising money, we would be glad to supply you with all the signage and handouts you need.  You just supply the Lemonade, cups and fun. Donations will go straight to the charity.

What’s up next, PROJECT 4: Our House.  Developed in 1988 in Decatur, GA, Our House was created to be a safe haven if you will for all the battery and potential homeless. Their goal is to better the lives of the homeless by offering up free and quality early-childhood education and support services for families in need.

“Each year we provide services to more than 90 children from over 65 families. Our center is nationally accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children and was recognized by the Georgia Head Start Association in 2004 for Excellence in the field. In 2001 we received The Travelers Aid Outstanding Agency Award and the Dekalb County Community service award in 2001.” (

DD is proud to be helping out with the Our House volunteers by fabricating and installing cabinetry throughout the building to store and organize the supplies that are donated and used every day from diapers and cleaning supplies to art supplies. The cabinetry and supply cabinets will allow more space to be utilized safely for the children in the daycare center.

One of our incredible material suppliers, Atlanta Hardwoods Inc, has generously donated wood and materials to make this project possible.  THANK YOU to Jim Howard and John Biederman at Atlanta Hardwoods, Inc. for helping make it all possible.  Learn more about Atlanta Hardwoods at


Around the corner from “Our House” is PROJECT 5: .  Developed back in 2001 as a 501(c)(3) organization, Wellspring Living helps victims of childhood sexual abuse and sex trafficking.   Through programs of therapy, education, life skills, and spiritual renewal, they help these young girls and women get past their tragic pasts if you will to have a chance to start over.  They also provide a safe place for battered women to escape dangerous situations.   We are proud to help out this caring foundation by design and producing an environmental signage package for the home and counseling center.  We will also be creating graphics for events and helping out wherever else we can.

The Hooch clean up
The Chattahoochee River is a beautiful and serene river that is a great escape from our hectic lives, but storm drains and careless rafters commonly litter the river with cans, bottles, and trash bags.  The river supports an ecosystem that includes Deer, Hawks, Herons, Mallard, and Geese that can accident eat this trash. Grant Perry, our president, will be leading several canoeing and kayaking teams on adventures to clean up sections of the Chattahoochee River throughout our Project 25 celebration.  If you like canoeing or kayaking, feel free to join us for our first adventure in late August. (It may be hot everywhere else in Atlanta but the temp on the water is like standing in front of a refrigerator with the door open)







We are still building the website to keep you updated on future projects.


Did you know:

Here is a great homemade Strawberry Lemonade recipe for a hot summer day:

2 cups of water

1 cup of sugar

1 tablespoon of grated lemon peel

1 cup of lemon juice (fresh is great but a new bottle works well too)

1 pint of strawberries

1 cup of cold club soda

Add ice and a mint leave


Boil the sugar and water together and then let cool

Add in everything except the soda water.

Add soda water right before serving so it stays nice and bubbly.

Served best over crushed ice.


The leftovers make a great “Mixer” too!

Mmmm yum!