The Talent

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Steffan Clousing – Senior Industrial Designer – Pronunciation key: stě’fěn

Born and raised in the wilds of Montana, Steffan was born to be a designer … he can sketch old-school or even whip up some computer renderings with the best of them. When he’s not rendering up his designs, you can find him in the production shop with the craftsmen hammering out the final design details.  He gets involved in every aspect of a project to get his designs just perfect, (and can get a little feisty when they don’t do it his way).  He’s distinctly passionate for Formula 1 racing, modern design, and well anything “car” related. But, unlike most people who like to escape their work by doing something completely different, Steffan’s escape is jumping on a table saw and building his own line of modern furniture.

Kim – Lead Industrial Designer

Meet Kim!  Our design manager for a reason; her big-picture outlook and understanding of a clients’ goals and needs keep projects on track, no matter what obstacles are thrown at her. Kim effectively keeps communication between clients, designers, and craftsmen flowing. She began her career with Dimensional Design as an intern and this year celebrates her 10th anniversary.   When she’s not chasing her son Charlie or grilling on her Big Green Egg, she loves to hit the beach, her sanctuary.


Gary – MacGyver (Lead Craftsman)

While he may be a “new bee” to the Dimensional Design team, Gary has been involved with DD for years. As a general contractor with skills in managing commercial construction and residential building for 30 years, Gary brings a combo to DD with both talent and positive energy.  He views each project through the clients’ eyes in order to fulfill their needs and expectations.





Bob – Production Manager/ Craftsman

“Bob the Builder”.. An incredibly talented craftsman who joined DD in 2006.   Bob goes by the creed of “lead by example”. He manages the entire production facility by being involved with every project from start to finish and usually ends up being the “go-to-guy” for putting the finishing touches on completed projects. His easy-going nature allows him to maintain his sanity as our designers seemingly love to make his job challenging. When he’s not challenging himself at work he pushes himself by sailing the waters of Lake Lanier.


Grant – Owner and Everything Else

Say hello to the big guy! Grant officially opened the door to DD in 1988 (it was actually a garage door in his family’s house), but unofficially it all started in 1975 when he was just 10 years old and his 5th grade teacher told him about this strange industry called “Industrial Design”. He was instantly hooked.  Eleven years later he graduated from Auburn University’s ID program and since then has been the driving force behind DD’s success. Constantly moving, emailing, or researching new materials one minute and setting up exhibits the next. He is obsessed with traveling, mountain biking and kayaking, but his daughters are his true passion.

Alan – Project Manager

Alan gets it done. As a project manager at DD, he is responsible for organizing all the little details, is frequently seen running around on the forklift and likes to be hands-on in each project going out the door. He can often be heard singing happy tunes around the office.


Dean – Operations Manager

Dean is the numbers man. From quoting materials and shipping to AR and AP. A competitive man on the tennis court, he loves supporting his son’s hockey team and traveling around the country with them. Dean can be seen directing and getting hands-on in the back or on site installing new projects. Always has a wise word or suggestion; acts as the voice of reason.