Refresh or Rebuild?

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Every trade show season, companies seem to debate whether or not to stretch their old exhibit one more year, or spend a lot of money on an entirely new booth. Fortunately, there is a third, cost-effective alternative. A great team of designers can take an existing exhibit that is in need of a branding or marketing refresh and give it new life without breaking the bank.Although designers generally enjoy starting projects from scratch and designing from the ground up, recreating an exhibit space using existing structure is often times a great challenge that has its own rewards.

Integrated Medical Systems is a great example of just such a transformation; a true butterfly from a caterpillar. IMS contracted DD to attend one of their tradeshows to critique all aspects of their booth, from how they utilize their structure to how their salespeople utilize the exhibit space. The old booth tended to be cold, segmented and uninformative from an
attendee’s point of view. Our goal was to redevelop the IMS exhibit into an attendee-focused environment that was both warm and welcoming.

The result, using the existing lightweight aluminum structure, was an entirely new environment that was big, bold, and warm. Using new graphics that spoke directly to the demographic of the show attendees, the booth became the perfect branded showcase to display the capabilities and expertise of IMS. The new interior was a comfortable presentation area that, along with exterior revisions, helped triple the attendees from the prior year. The icing on the cake is that not only did we re-invent their 20′ x 40′ exhibit space, but with only minor alterations, their refreshed exhibit is able to be used for both their 20′ x 30′ and 20′ x 20′ exhibit spaces.