Out of This World

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Most corporate interior designs requested by clients are utilitarian work spaces meant to create a cohesive, professional look, to represent a company’s culture and brand, and to simply optimize output. When the Advanced Armament Corporation, a defense contractor located in a secure building, approached Dimensional Design to design their corporate interior, it was the first time that we were contracted to create a space that looks out of this world, really. Their offices are only seen by their own employees but, having the luxury of starting from scratch in a bare warehouse space, they wanted to create a facility that would draw in the best employees in the industry. Having created AAC’s trade show exhibits for years, DD was the perfect fit to tell their story. The final solution is an incredibly exciting environment where the employees would rather stay and hang out at the end of the day than race home.

When the design direction is ‘make it futuristic, make it cool’, you know the project is going to be an exciting challenge. From floor to ceiling, Dimensional Design created the overall theme based on the company’s persona emulating a dark, science fiction feel. DD implemented a detailed production plan that included a reception area, a freestanding conference room, customer service workstations, an engineering lab, private offices, bathrooms, and a “killer” lounge that rivals most nightclubs. We chose to focus our designs on a military color palette of dark metals, charcoals and rust, with textures like distressed steel and raw concrete. We added futuristic accents with the sleek shape of the reception desk and dramatic facade of the conference room. Ultimately, DD created an office space that communicates the edgy, bold energy level of the company and represents the innovation and creativity that is produced there.

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