Mindset Reset

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Do you wish you could hit the RESET button? DD has developed an intense team-on-team exercise called the Mindset Reset that combines the expertise of our Designers and Marketers with the extensive knowledge of your marketing team. In this highly interactive four hour session, our team acts as the voice of your customer and supplies an expert outside marketing perspective. We ask the questions that have been neglected, omitted, or overlooked.

As we lead you through a series of probing questions, we will uncover hidden roadblocks and brainstorm solutions that will revitalize your marketing approach. The Mindset Reset is designed to help you:

Reconnect with consumers
Reenergize your brand
Reevaluate your current methods and introduce new ideas

In preparation for your session, we will research your company, competition and current industry trends to create questions that drive the exercise. In order to gain a full understanding of your current marketing approach, we also design custom, digitally administered surveys for meeting participants to take before coming to DD.


Contact us to begin tailoring a Mindset Reset session to fit your team:
678-376-1550 – grant@dimensionaldesign.net