Hitting the Road

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Road Warrior’s Travel Blog written by Grant Perry, owner of Dimensional Design.

Traveling with me is exhausting, I admit it. I’m not one for sitting in a hotel room. My last trip to New York with my design team, we walked 7 miles, attended a Color conference, went to the Met, presented to a client, walked Central Park, toured 5th avenue retail icons, dined at Budakann in the Meat Packing District, … All in 56 hours, not much sleep.

DD has worked in over 50 cities in the US and we do our best to experience the world we design for. It’s critical part of being a strong designer.

You’ve gone where the concierge suggested, now go somewhere fun that won’t break your wallet. Dimensional Design travels frequently for clients and we want to share our great experiences with you. To see some DD Approved Sites and travel tips, check out our travel blog here.


Our most current places:

Cloud Gate in Chicago, Illinois







Blue Bear Sculpture in Denver







Udvar-Hazy Center in the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum

Washington D.C.