Ways to Get Interactive

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 Keep ahead-of-the-curve  in your exhibits, retail displays, and corporate interiors to by interacting with your audience with these tech-savvy tools.  So, ask yourself, how are you engaging your audience… and is it enough ?

Interactive Wall Display

Do you feel like your trade show booth needs more spice in the world of technology? Does it have enough interactivity?  Dimensional Design can advance you forward with the Interactive Wall.  This freestanding modular display is engineered with up to eight LED reactive sensors that allow attendees to connect to your brand with the wave of their hand.  Displayed on a high-def monitor, you have the ability to customize your content with information as simple as a PowerPoint presentation or as complex as a Flash video.  On top of that, the DD team will bring your content to life by creating exterior facades that drive your brand message even further.  Whether you would like to rent a unit or purchase one, the interchangeable cloth panes give you the flexibility to change from show to show.  The Interactive Wall is so easy to use; a monkey could figure it out! How cool is that! Imagine reeling in your customers from all generations, while educating them into your brand. Dimensional Design now helps you even more in turning prospects into leads with the Interactive Wall display.



Touch-Screen Display

Here is another way to get ahead of the curve in the technology race. Working with the English software developer, Acquire Digital, DD offers an interactive platform that provides the hands-on experience you’ve always wanted between you and your consumers. This utilitarian system is adaptable for directories, digital signage, advertising, data basing, and even as a marketing feedback tool.  You can easily update your content as often as you want and increase its capabilities with a multitude of plug-ins.  It can be connected to the internet or securely run on your own network.  To coincide with our software, we design custom interfaces and kiosks that represent your brand, while emotionally capturing the interest of your consumers.  Looks and technology, we’ve got the whole package!

So, let’s face it no one likes information thrown at them. Organizing your brand message in a coherent and fluid manner just got easy!   Giving your consumers the ability to dive into your brand with the right content and direction makes one great sales pitch.


QR Code

What is This?

Maybe we can help.

Most people look at this and think it’s a UPC code.  It’s similar, yes, but it’s not.  This is a Quick Response code (QR), and its advertising is aimed directly at the consumer. Unlike UPC codes, a QR code works simply by snapping a picture of these funky little boxes from a free downloadable QR app with your Smartphone that will connect you to the creator’s message.

Now that you understand how to use it as a consumer, the next question is how you can use it as a marketer.

Our Graphic Design team will develop advertising for your surveys, events, in-depth product descriptions, and marketing campaigns.  Then, we will generate a QR code for you, link it to the promo, and voilá! You’ve made a closer connection with your consumers with the click of a button.

Don’t be the last marketer to utilize a QR code in your tradeshow booth, corporate interior, or product packaging.  In the world of advertising, QR codes are here to stay.

If you photograph the QR code, it will take you to our website. It’s that easy!