MARCOM AWARDS: Congrats to the DD Design team

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Recently, we at Dimensional Design developed a promotional campaign structured to create a buzz around the newly launched “Hitting the Road with DD” blog. The idea was hatched from over twenty years of traveling nationally for client projects, tradeshows, and research excursions. Designers are not good at sitting around in a hotel room during down time.  We usually hit every museum, park, restaurant and bar we can find. Our clients always ask us for advice on what’s entertaining so we decided to make it easy for them to get out and explore major cities when they have some free time on business trips. For years DD has wanted to do a newsletter or small book like this, but a blog became the perfect format since it’s easily accessible while on the road in the Blackberry/Smart Phone day-and-age.

To promote the newly launched blog, DD created a series of weekly email contests that culminated in a multi-prize contest for the top ten submissions of travel hints and fun ideas. The overall campaign centered around the blog but promotional pieces included pocket-sized maps of eight major tradeshow cities highlighting hotspots near the major convention centers, specialized response cards and a CD of classic Vegas tunes to get the blood pumping.

In December, we were thrilled when we heard the DD travel blog and it’s surrounding promotional campaign had won the Platinum Award, the top honor, from the Association of Marketing Communication Associates. With over 2,000 submissions from corporate marketing and communication departments, advertising agencies, PR firms, and design shops, our team was flattered but we were even more excited by the involvement the contest and blog created with our clients and vendors during the launch process. I guess hard work can be fun and rewarding.

Congrats to Clare Laidlaw, our graphic designer, for creating a great marketing campaign and Holly Harper, for developing, writing, and maintaining the blog. Thank you to everybody for their submissions and photographs.

Check out our “Hitting the Road with DD” blog here!